Our Services

As the commercial world becomes more IT literate we have found that our investigations have become more complex, moving away from entry level IP searches to much more sophisticated multi-national investigations, such as national and international market surveys and brand clearances.

Our projects could include, but are not limited to:

  • Brand Protection
  • Brand Integrity
  • Corporate Legal Services
  • Competitor Intelligence Analysis
  • Counterfeit Goods Investigations
  • Domain Names
  • Markets/Trade Show Visits
  • Parallel Imports
  • Product Diversion
  • Negotiation & Acquisition (Trademarks & Domains)
  • Patents – Prior Art
  • Trade Secrets

Our project based services are not priced at a flat fee rather they will be discussed and evaluated with you resulting in a proposal outlining our stratagems and quotation.

With the expansion of the Internet and Social Media, trade mark owners are facing new challenges in trying to protect their brands and reputation.

Through our digital and social media survey and monitoring services Probe is able to provide you with the protection you need in this expanding new world of the Internet and Social Media.

Probe is not only able to identify brand abuse and counterfeiting online and in social media it can also monitor it for you, including E-commerce Vendor and Marketplace watching.

For those times when the investigation does not require the premium reporting that our standard service provides. If we can identify the issue with a limited, yet succinct, review then the QUAD Report is the service for you.

Quantifiable results
Unique reporting
Attending to the key points
Delivered 48 – 72 hours

Our entry level flat fee services are the foundation of our business, using our experience and knowledge we deliver these standard products with our premium service.

TM Use Investigation
  • National
  • CTM
  • International (IR)
  • TM Opposition
  • TM Revocation
TM Services
  • Infringements
  • Common Law Searches

By anonymously buying products on your behalf it allows us to identify, locate and profile the offender, often piecing together the entire supply chain.

As well as undertaking the trap purchase, we at Probe monitor and capture all the details of the transaction in an evidentiary report, which is delivered at the end of the investigation together with the purchased items.

Trap purchases may be required for a single one off purchase or to enable you to uncover an entire network of counterfeiters. Using our experience and expert knowledge in supply chains and export operations we can advise you every step of the way.

PROBE reports are not a boiler plate / template report, instead they are a unique document addressing the client’s issues or concerns.

The findings therein are presented in a concise and accurate format which is summarised. All content will have been verified from more than one source to give an overview of the findings.

We report a negative as equally as a positive therefore the report contents are impartial and reflect the evidence as found. Our reports are designed to assist the client in their decision making process.

Our reports are used in the United Kingdom and in foreign jurisdictions in conjunction with a number of proceedings in 72 countries in the past five years in relation to the enforcement of IP rights and related issues internationally and include the following:

  • Unfair competition
  • Patents
  • Trade secrets, (know how)
  • Copy and design rights
  • Infringement
  • Trade Mark Use
    • Oppositions
    • Cancellations

PROBE reports have been used in a multitude of cases such as:

  • Mareva injunctions
  • Anton Pillar
  • Patent litigation
  • IP litigation
  • Trade mark proceedings

For all international matters we submit apostilled or sworn affidavits, statutory declarations and affirmations for use in proceedings and on occasion we have been called upon to give testimony in foreign jurisdictions.’

If you require further information on any of our services, or simply want to discuss a case, please contact us on
+44 20 7713 7136 or email ask@probeip.com